Strip | Kaeser Brown and Giallo Atlantide – Item STP 403

Mosaico linea Strip in marmo kaesar Brown e Giallo Atlantide con tasselli satinati e microrigati su 3 colonne

Strip in Kaeser Brown and Giallo Atlantide marble

A mosaic made of  honed and scratched Kaeser Brown horizontal slats in combination with polished Giallo Atlantide vertical ones, all 10mm. calibrated and grid-mounted in 29.8 per 29.8 cm. modules. Also in this collection, the different finishing processes create a modular design that can be composed in different ways, obtaining countless different solutions, according to the different laying patterns. The tactile look of the surface, soft for the honed, smooth for the polished and slightly rough for the striped parts, creates a variety of colours and reflections, while maintaining a delicate and eye-pleasing chromatic rhythmicity.

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