Tailor Made

Tailored marble mosaic

Use your imagination to make your own space unique

Originality and class brought by a marble mosaic are unique and inimitable. The richness of marble and its colouring reflect centuries of history of all cultures. This tradition lives on with companies like ours, that offer householders, architects and designers creative opportunities to design tailored mosaics, with a wide choice of styles, colours and patterns. We provide the necessary technical support to make viable and effective a project that may start from a simple sketch. Our know-how is available to our customers in the making at every stage of production.


Mosaic of excellence

Inventive laying of a monochromatic marble mosaic

The material at centre-stage of this installation is mirror polished Antique Brown Granite.

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Bathroom mosaic

Attention to detail is our mission

Ideamarmo has committed itself into the realisation of a demanding project in the…

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Wall cladding mosaic

Refined nuances of delicate and feminine colours

The ample cladding surfaces of this private home are made of 1x1x1 cm dowels of Pink…

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Floor mosaics

Contemporary geometries for a Spanish architect

The work has been realised in Black Marquina Marble matched with White Carrara Marble.

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Pool mosaics

An ambitious project for a French mansion

Ideamarmo has realised by construction the wall cladding and the flooring for this private…

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Kitchen Mosaic

Contrasting colours for luxurious flooring

This floor, designed for the large kitchen room of a residential house abroad, is characterised…

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Shower mosaic

Black and White: a timeless contemporary style

The mosaic versatility of use is evident in this aesthetic solution adopted for…

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Art mosaic

Mosaic flooring is conceived as an object of art

Idemarmo has been commissioned to create a mosaic carpet sized 2.70 x 2.70 m…

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